Compare Utah Home Health vs Utah Hospice

Benefits/Eligibility Requirements

           Home Health


Location of Treatment

Provided in the home or assisted living facility 

Provided in the home, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility
Basic Eligibility Skilled medical need (e.g., nursing, physical therapy, etc.), doctor's order.  Doctor certifies a terminal diagnosis with a prognosis of 6 months or less to live.
Homebound Status Must be homebound  Does not have to be homebound 
Nursing 24-hour availability 24-hour availability
Physical Therapy Yes  Limited  
Speech Therapy Yes


Medical Social Services Yes  Yes 
Occupational Therapy Yes  Limited 
Aid and Homemaking Yes  Yes 
Dietitian Yes  No 
Massage Therapy No  Yes 
Music Therapy No  Yes 
Spiritual Care No  Yes 
Bereavement Follow-Up No  Yes 
Telehealth Services Yes  No
Durable Medical Equipment Covered through Medicare at 80\%, or through most insurance plans     Covered 100\% 
Medications Specifically Related to Patient's Diagnosis Covered through patient's Medicare Part D, if the patient has this  Covered 100\%
Animal Assisted Therapy No  Yes 
Wound Care Yes  Yes 
Volunteer Services No  Yes 
Treatment Approach Treat condition to help patient become independent  Comfort measures only and allow natural processes to occur