Occupational Therapy

Following a thorough assessment, occupational therapists work with patients to improve their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), through such work as fine-motor skills retraining, learning compensatory strategies, home safety assessment, and adaptive equipment training.  They focus intently on hands-on training, knowing that people can often learn faster from doing things themselves than from only being told.

Occupational therapists at First Choice can provide physical and therapeutic exercises, cognitive/mental tasks, education on various health and wellness issues, and help in modifying the patient's environment as needed.  All of the efforts of our occupational therapists are to help you be more independent in your home.

First Choice Occupational Therapy Services:

  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Sensory Re-Education
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training
  • Home Assessment & Adaptive Equipment Training
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Use of Special Equipment
  • Monitor and Teach Medication Regimen and Response to Medication
  • Homemaking Training
  • Independent Living Skill Training
  • Functional Activities
  • Perceptual Motor Activities