Physical Therapy

Our team of highly skilled physical therapists can assist with a wide variety of ailments, some of which may include: pain and arthritis, post-surgical recovery including joint replacements, stroke rehabilitation, neuromuscular deficits (such as Parkinson's Disease and Muscular Sclerosis), balance and dizziness problems, and prevention of falls.

Each patient our physical therapists care for undergoes a thorough evalutaion, followed by the creation of a plan of care, designed specifically for them.  In addition to progressive therapeutic exercises and specialized training, our therapists may use modalities to improve pain (heat, cold, electrical stimulation/TENS, and massage).  They also assist with pulmonary problems, cardiac care, and even the healing of wounds.  They check to ensure safety in the home, and evaluate the need for any assistive devices (such as walkers, canes, bathroom aides, etc).  Therapists train patients safe ways to do things, teach them home exercise programs, and train them in how to use assistive devices.

Please click here for more information about our Steady Steps program, which includes physical therapy.

First Choice Physical Therapy Services:

  • Strengthening
  • Therapeautic Exercises
  • Bed Mobility & Transfer Training
  • Balance/Gait Training
  • Fall Risk / Safety Assessment and Training with Assistive Devices
  • Assessment of Home Environment for Pitential DME Needs