Preparedness Manual

In relationships, we naturally divide tasks and responsibilities.  Years will go by and individuals do their tasks and become dependent on one another.  This is great until a crisis suddenly occurs and we are required to access information and do tasks we were never trained to do.  Simple things become difficult including paying bills, accessing insurance, locating passwords for financial accounts and turning off the gas line.

This is why the Personal Preparedness Manual is so vital.  This Manual will walk you through the documents needing to be gathered, how to organize them and additional steps to take in order to assure your loved ones have easy access to vital information.

  • If something happens to you or a loved one, will you be prepared?

  • Are all of your important papers and documents readily available?

  • Will you be able to find critical information about your family’s health, financial dealings, and personal property?

This manual will protect you by having all the things you need together in one place so that you can know everything you need to in the event of a serious illness or death in the family. It can also help you in an emergency if you need to pick up and leave your home quickly.

Print the Preparedness Manual Now

The Preparedness Manual includes the following:

  • Location of important papers
  • Vital identification sheet and fingerprints
  • Who to call for help
  • Medical information
  • Insurance information
  • Home mortgage
  • Copies of past 3 years’ income tax returns
  • Personal property
  • Banking and investments
  • Budget
  • Credit card list
  • Simple will and healthcare power of attorney
  • Funeral and burial wishes
  • Copy of Marriage License
  • Copy of Birth Certificate(s)
  • Copy of Driver’s License(s)
  • Copy of Passport(s) - information page only

Other Manual Setup

  1. Always fill out the book in pencil so that changes can be made.
  2. You may want to make a copy of the book to give to a trusted family member or friend or keep in another safe location.
  3. Only copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc should be kept in this book. Originals should be kept elsewhere.
  4. Put copies of only page one and two of your 1040 under the income tax label.
  5. Keep the manual in a secure location, such as a safe deposit box or fireproof safe.