The Questions

These questions are designed to stimulate thought and action that will help you better prepare for the unexpected.  Click on each question for answers, documents and resources.

1.  If I were to die today, what documents and information do my loved ones need in order to manage the basic affairs of life? (The Preparedness Manual)

2.  If I was diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, at what point, if ever, would I choose comfort and pain management vs. active treatment? (About Hospice)

3.  If I were to become seriously ill and unable to make my own healthcare decisions, what type of medical treatment would I prefer? (About Advance Directives)

4.  Who should I choose to make sure my healthcare choices are carried out? (Print Power of Attorney)

5.  If I was found without a pulse, would I want to be resuscitated? (More about DNR)

6.  What should I expect as we go through the end-of-life experience? (End of Life Questions)

7.  How do I plan a funeral or burial? (Funeral Plans)

8.  Who do I contact and what documents are needed after death? (After Death To Dos)

9. What information do I need for a death certificate? (Death Certificate Application)