Lymphedema Services

Lymphedema is the term used to describe painful swelling that can occur in the arms or legs.  The swelling occurs when lymph fluid in your arm or leg is prevented from draining because of a blockage in your lymphatic system.  As the fluid accumulates in the tissues, the swelling continues.  First Choice Home Health and Hospice has professionals who have been trained in how to treat lymphedema.  Although lymphedema cannot be cured, treatments can reduce the swelling and help you to be more comfortable. 

There are several different interventions that can help in the treatment of lymphedema.  The following are some of the most effective treatments:

  • Exercises - certain light exercises can help reduce lymphedema by simply encouraging the lymph fluid out of your limb.
  • Wrapping - wrapping arms and legs in certain ways can encourage lymph fluid to flow back out of the affected limb and back into the main part of your body.
  • Massage - special massage techniques can help lymph to drain from your limb back to the trunk of your body.
  • Compression garments - special long sleeves or stockings can be ordered that can help to encourage fluid out of your limb and then keep it out, helping you to remain more comfortable.  The garment must be specially ordered to fit appropriately.