Wound Care

The First Choice Home Health and Hospice wound team is led and staffed by certified wound care nurses who understand the complexities of wound care.  Our wound care team has a tremendous reputation of excellent wound treatment and a growing list satisfied patients whose wounds healed quickly and completely.


Below is a list of some of the services our wound care team can provide for patients with wounds:

  • Specialized wound treatments based on the type of wound, its location and its size.
  • Education for the patient and caregiver about the wound, signs and symptoms of complications, and how to perform wound care in the home.
  • Nutritional counseling from our dietitian and/or nurses on the types of foods, supplements and diet that can assist with wound healing.
  • Monitoring and measuring a patient's wound in order to track and document how well the wound is healing and to be able to show the patient’s physician how the wound is progressing.
  • Coordination with the patient’s physician and wound clinics for treatment options for wounds that are more difficult to heal.