Nursing Services

What is the role of the Skilled Nurse in hospice & palliative care?

Hospice and palliative care nurses distinguish themselves from their colleagues in other nursing specialty practices by their unwavering focus on end-of-life care. Registered nurses provide in-home care based on the patient's physician's orders and the individual needs of the patient and family. A Hospice nurse provides routine visits throughout the week, however, First Choice Hospice has nurses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


How does a Hospice Nurse enhance quality of life?

By providing expert management of pain and other symptoms combined with compassionate listening and counseling skills, hospice and palliative care nurses promote the highest quality of life for the patient and family. At First Choice Hospice, nursing care is individualized for each patient to foster a trusting relationship and for continuity of care. The Hospice nurse assesses the patient’s condition and maintains open communication while providing emotional & educational support to patients and caregivers. The Hospice nurse collaborates with the hospice team to meet the needs of the patient and primary caregivers.


Services a Skilled Nurse performs

  • administer medications as needed
  • work with the patient's physician to control pain and manage symptoms of the patient's disease
  • educate the patient and family about the patient's disease, medications and treatments.
  • provide skilled nursing care
  • assist the family to enable them to care for the patient at home
  • assess the patient's current physical condition
  • arrange for special medical services in the home as needed
  • support efforts to enhance the patient's quality of life
  • prepare the family for an in-home death
  • discuss signs and symptoms of approaching death and what to expect
  • assist with obtaining appropriate supplies and equipment (DME)
  • coordinate care and implement plan with Hospice Team
  • provide emotional support to patient & primary caregiver