Spritual Care

What role does the Chaplain play in hospice & palliative care?

Spirituality is a vital component of the holistic approach First Choice Hospice uses in patient care. Chaplains offer spiritual support to the patient and family often coordinating with the patient’s clergy or religious leader. Our certified Chaplains focus on the patient and family’s spiritual needs and are experienced in discussing end-of-life issues. Chaplains are available to assist in funeral planning and may be involved in the bereavement care. Chaplains do not represent any religion but support the patient in his/her own end-of-life spiritual journey.

How do Chaplains enhance quality of life?

Our chaplains seek to provide spiritual guidance to the myriad of questions, feelings and losses our patients and families might experience during this profound time of life. Patients and their families may be wrestling with questions of life’s meaning or facing unresolved relationships. Often a patient has healing to do spiritually before life ends. A basic belief of hospice is that each of us is a spiritual being who is looking for personal peace and answers to life's questions. The Chaplain is a soul friend who offers a comforting presence to patients and their families on this end of life journey.

Services offered by our Chaplains

  • Offer spiritual support and listening
  • Facilitate resolution of life’s questions
  • Life Review
  • Assist in reconnecting to the patient’s religion of choice if desired
  • Provide prayer & meditation
  • Officiate at funerals, memorials & grave side services if requested
  • Comfort the patient and family members
  • Offer guidance in writing an obituary
  • Bereavement support and follow up with the family